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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Finishing touches. 12 hrs

The past week or so I have been putting he finishing touches on the cx4. I've done numerous things like installing the stops on the ailerons, verifying proper deflection, labels, replacing airspeed indicator and verifying accurate readings with a water manifold, and lots of other small tasks. I'm just about ready for my FAA inspection which happens next week.  I'm kind of curious how many people are following my blog so if your a follower could you please comment and let me know. I plan on continuing to enter on here after the first flight with flight testing info and any changes that are made


  1. I follow your blog, I just started a month or two ago. Please keep posting about your progress!

    Sometimes I feel that I am blogging into nothing and that nobody follows my build progress but I know that a couple of people visit every now and again.

    It would be great if you posted in the "completions" forum on home built airplanes too; those guys always like to see and congratulate people on their monumental achievement!

  2. I check in every couple of days. I am building #527.

  3. Hi Brandon. I have been following you for over a year now - you're doing a great job. I appreciate your pics and detail as I do my build.


    My blog is at:

  4. I have been checking you blog for about 8 months. Just sign up to follow. I have enjoyed reading you about your build. Look great, you should be proud. I will continue to follow you progress. Good luck on the inspection.


  5. I'm following.... I too appreciate you making your build public. Good luck!