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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fairings, wing walks, misc. 6 hrs

Today I did a lot of little things.  I tied up a lot of loose ends. I will thank myself later for taking care of the loose ends as they come up rather than waiting till the end. Days like today aren't very rewarding, but it has to be done. I riveted my rudder today.  I got my left wing walk ready for riveting by drilling. Trimming, deburring, and countersinking that was needed. I also finished the work on the two fairings between the vertical stabilizer and the horizontal stab.  I installed some rivets on the horizontal stabilizer  that needed to be installed. I installed the trim tab on the elevator and painted the elevator control horn.   

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Wing walks. Stabilizer fairing. 4 hrs

The past couple of weeks I have worked on my wing walks. Ii used 050 aluminum on the walks. One is riveted and the other is clecoed. It's ready for deburring and riveting. I started working on the layout of the stabiles fairing. I used the template in the plans and will have to add some to it.